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We at Theology Girl-ReformedWomen-* are “women of the Book” (the Bible) and enjoy studying God’s Word and books by Reformed theologians and authors. Our book studies have consisted of these excellent books and subjects. Join us in our studies and readings:

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Our Current Discussion Study/Reading:  Summary of Christian Doctrine, Louis Berkhof

Previous Studies:

“The Excellent Wife”
“Christian Living in the Home”
“Grace To Stand Firm”
“The Ancient Love Song”
“Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment”
“God’s Way of Holiness”
“Legacy of Biblical Womanhood”
“Idols of the Heart”
“Stepping Heavenward”
“Summary of Christian Doctrine”
“Female Piety”
“Children of the Living God”
“A Steadfast Heart”
“No Other Gospel”
“James on Works”
“God’s Wisdom for A Woman’s Life”
“Women Helping Women”
“The Afternoon of Life”
“Training Hearts, Teaching Minds”
“The True Woman”
“Spiritual Mothering”
“God With Us”
“What is a Family”
“Theology Girl’s Journal Guide”
“Theology Girl’s Guide to Homemaking”
“Theology Girl’s Guide to Leading Women”
“Theology Girl’s How to Do Coffee, Tea & We”
“Women in Prayer”**
“Leading Little Ones To God”
“Theology Series: Calvin, Warfield, Pink, Boettner, Berkof”
“Full and short topic studies”
“Reformed Book Reading Series”
“Puritan and Reformed literature”
“Topical Bible Studies from God’s Word”
“Books by historic and modern Reformed theologians”
“Books on women, family, marriage, children issues”
“Books on Nouthetic Counseling”
“Blogging the Institutes of Christian Religion”w/Reformation21**
“Waiting on God”
“Summary of Christian Doctrine”

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