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God is sovereign Lord and King, and exerciseth a dominion over the whole world, both heaven and earth. This is so clear, that nothing is more spoken of in Scripture. The very name, “LORD,” imports it. __Stephen Charnock

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5 comments on “Theology Girl

  1. Just a thought… i am reformed in my theology and would sign off on most of the things on your website. the one thing i take issue with is your “friends and political favorites” (fpf), which are some of my favorites as well. i am conservative in my thinking when it comes to politics as well and i would agree with your “fpf”. my issue is this… i think posting things like this tends to isolate some people that would otherwise be interested in your website. this is my first time visiting your site and have like most of what i have seen, i’ve considered informing some of my friends about this site which i think would be extremely beneficial to them, but if they saw the portion of your website “fpf”, they would probably be discouraged… this is just one persons opinion… overall, i would say “a great website and a great resource”… i’m sure i will come back to the website again, and again… keep up the great work… much love

  2. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We are distinctly Reformed and in being so we are required to mirror that in our Christian world and life view, which, in our case requires that we hold fast and boldly to the doctrines of grace and theology applied practically. We subscribe in our “fpf” links to sites which we as Reformed women agree. We list sites that offer various political views as “fair and balanced” and as our blogrolls reflect, an outreach of the gospel to all who visit. Compromise or mixture is not what we want to reflect in our site but rather the truth of the Bible in theology and applied practically in the Christian life. It is our hope that those who visit will read the “theology” of the site and then, with wise discernment and the Spirit of Christ apply it practically in all aspects of their Christian walk including their political life. We also believe that in a world of many “so-called” Christian sites with mixture and error, that we can be, as effectively as we can, a distinctive and bold representative of biblical truth for women on the web. Not all of us, even of the same stripe, will agree on all things theologically or politically but it is our hope and desire that those that visit us will walk away with a better knowledge of their Sovereign and Holy God, who alone receives the glory. Thank you again for visiting and sharing. All of God’ richest blessings to you and yours! __TheologyGirl

  3. Hi!
    I joined the Reformed Women group for some time now & have been enjoying their emails. I thought I would be receiving emails from Theology Girl as well, but hadn’t gotten any at all. I normally send & receive all my emails via Yahoo, but on a whim I checked for emails in my Cavenet inbox, & lo & behold – here are all my “Theology Girl” emails! I’m praising the Lord for all of the great “stuff” I’m already seeing here, & I know it will be a real blessing. I don’t know how this happened, but could you please start sending my “Theology Girl” emails to me?

    Thanks So Much, & God Bless You!

    Gina Miller

    • Hi Gina, here’s how this works. The TheologyGirl Blog does not send out emails but rather you subscribe to the RSS feed above (the little orange box) and it will put them in your Browser under “Feeds” You can also have them download into your email or read via the Google Reader. The emails on TG and the TG group mail are two separate but related groups. The TG Group you will more mail and the studies.

      The ReformedWomen and TheologyGirl Groups, you receive the email directly to your email box that is given in your membership email address. You are a member of RW but are not a member of TG so I have sent you an invite. Simply click on the link in the invite and you will be brought in. Let us know if you need additional help.

      Faithfully in Christ,

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