Women and the Knowledge of God


Theology and Women:

Many Christian women are under the false idea that the “study of God” is only for men. There is nothing so far from the truth. All of God’s children, men, women and children are called to “know” God; study to “know” God and to grow in wisdom, knowledge and the graces of God. Women are called to different offices in the corporate church and ministry but they are all called to “know” their God, the True and Living God. To know God is to love God and understand His greatness, His power and His omnipotent leading, directing and producing whatsoever comes to pass for His glory and the good of His people. Do you know this? Are you training and teaching your daughters about this God? Read what the famous theologian Thomas Watson said in 1692 which is relevant to us today…we must know our God.__Theology Girl-ReformedWomen

“For the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed,” 1 Sam ii.23.

Glorious things are spoken of God; He transcends our thoughts, and the angels’ praises. God’s glory lies chiefly in His attributes, which are the several beams by which nature shines forth. Among other of His orient excellencies, this is not the least, “The Lord is a God of knowledge;” or, as the Hebrew word is, a ‘God of knowledges.’ Through the bright mirror of His own essence, He hath a full idea and cognizance of all things. The world is to Him a transparent body. He makes a heart anatomy. Rev. ii.23. “I am He which searches the reins and the heart.” The clouds are no canopy, the night is no curtain to draw between us and his sight. Ps. cxxxix 12. “The darkness hideth not from thee.” There is not a word we whisper, but God hears it. Ps. cxxxix.4. “There is not a word in my tongue, but lo, O Lord, Thou knowest it altogether!” There is not the most subtle thought comes into our mind but God perceives it, Isa. lxvi.18. “I know their thoughts.” Thoughts speak as loud in God’s ears, as words do in ours. All our actions, though ever so subtly contrived, and secretly conveyed, are visible to the eyes of Omniscience, Isa. lxvi. 18 “I know their works.” …

Dost thou know the balancing of the clouds the wondrous works of Him that is perfect in knowledge?” God knows whatever is knowable; He knows future contingencies. …

The perfection of God’s knowledge is primary. He is the original, the pattern, and prototype of all knowledge; others borrow their knowledge of Him; the angels light their lamps at this glorious sun.

God’s knowledge is pure. It is not contaminated with the object. Though God knows sin, yet it is to hate and punish it. No evil can mix or incorporate with His knowledge, any more than the sun can be defiled with the vapours which arise from the earth.

God’s knowledge is facile; it is without any difficulty. We study and search for knowledge: Prov. ii.4, “If thou seekest for her as for silver.” But the lamp of God’s knowledge is so infinitely bright, that all things are intelligible to Him.

God’s knowledge is infallible; there is no mistake in His knowledge. Human knowledge is subject to error. A physician may mistake the cause of a disease, but God’s knowledge is unerring; He can neither deceive, nor be deceived; He cannot deceive, because He is truth; nor be deceived because He is wisdom.

God’s knowledge is instantaneous; our knowledge is successive, one thing after another. We argue from the effect to the cause. God knows things past, present, and to come, uno intuito, at once: they are all before Him in one entire prospect.

God’s knowledge is retentive; He never loses any of His knowledge; He hath reminiscentia, as well intelligentia, — He remembers as well as understands. Many things elapse out of our minds, but God’s knowledge is eternized. Things transacted a thousand years ago, are as fresh to Him, as they were done but the last minute. Thus He is perfect in knowledge.

Source: Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity


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