Dressing Dolls and Knowing God in Jesus Christ

Dressing Dolls and Knowing God in Jesus Christ

Girls love to play with dolls and dress them up in different outfits depending upon their desire to see them as they would. It does not matter what is proper or correct, but rather what looks good to the eye of the beholder. This is what unlearned man does with God and His attributes. He dresses God up in the attributes that please him and tosses away those attributes that do not fit his religious design or false understanding of God. He creates a “god of his imagination” and not the God of the Bible and then ignorantly believes he can vainly worship God in a way not prescribed by God’s Word. He cannot. God has called man to worship Him according to His precepts and divine will as taught by the Word of God. This is why it is so important for women to know their God and to properly know His attributes so they do not clothe him in false dress under false assumptions of a flesh-centered mind. God has properly dressed Himself for His glory with the attributes that are solely His and we must study to learn those attributes so that we do not dishonor Him or take away from His divinity. To “know” God is to know Him intimately and to do that we must toss out those old clothes of ignorance, unbelief and flesh-centeredness and put on the truth of God’s Word in its revelation of Him in Scripture and history. Read what Michael Horton says here:

“To seek to know or worship God in any way other than through the person and work of Jesus Christ is to invite wrath and confusion. It is a particular God who is described for us by God himself in Scripture and history.

Christ is the key to knowing God. Apart from Him, there would be no world, no human speech, no relationship with God. In fact, apart from the Son there would be no God at all, since the only God who really exists is the Trinity: one in essence, three in person. This is why Scripture describes God by revealing Christ to promise and fulfillment, from Genesis to Revelation. We know God by seeing Him in action, and the whole biblical story is about his action in Christ, foreshadowed in promise and accomplished in fulfillment. It is not “God,” but this God — Yahweh — who is the object of our worship. It is not by personal experiences or by speculating or spinning a web of reasonable opinions about God that we come to know the true Creator and Redeemer, but by locating divine action in history.” __Michael Horton, “How Can We Know God?” We Believe, p 51.

Dressing up dolls can be fun when you are child but we are “no longer children” tossed about by every wind of doctrine and belief and are called upon as women teaching women and children to know our God completely. Our “dressing up” must be God dressed in the royal apparel that is Scripture-based and biblical. Studying His attributes is important and that we will do here in future posts. The more you read and study His greatness, the more you can apply the strength of that knowledge to your daily living for the good of not only your own soul but that of those you minister to. How important is it? Just as important as watching your children grow from babies to adults.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

This is a repost of our original in 2008 in response to request.


2 comments on “Dressing Dolls and Knowing God in Jesus Christ

  1. Great metaphor that someone like me (being a guy, of course!) would never have thought of. It does remind me of what one theologian said about this, “God made us in His image, and ever since then we have been trying to return the favor.”

  2. Thank you and my growing up dressing dolls helped. It seems that we continually want to “make up” Christ (God) in our own image as you have said rather than worship, adore and proclaim the preciousness of Him as He has revealed Himself in Scripture. Mankind “works out many inventions”! I will definitely use your quote. ;o]

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