Devotional Thoughts on Waiting on God

Theology Girl Spring-Summer Reading Series
Book: Waiting On God!
Rev. Andrew Murray
Spring-Summer 2011

ThelogyGirl Devotional
“Thoughts on Waiting”

Waiting on God never means we are slothful to perform those things which are biblical, needful, just and right or that need instant attention and decision.  We are called to “think and act biblically” and that means we must act or give attention to those things which need to be accomplished.  We cannot say “Oh, I must wait upon God” for His leading or “Oh, I am waiting upon God” to feel it is the right timing to make a decision or make excuse for not acting when it is needful.  No, we are to use biblical discernment in our waiting and that means we are to be decisive, always abounding in His wisdom, knowledge, understanding and guidance and that dear friends, comes from His Word.  God always leads by His Word and when we don’t have the answers in our hearts and minds, we can surely find them in His Word and by prayer and supplication to Him, He will lead and guide us.  Thus, our waiting then becomes action and that action produces results which are for our good and His glory.

Precious Lord:  Bless your children with patience to wait upon You and with the gift of discernment to know when they must act upon things that need to be accomplished.  Keep us by Your Power in “the knowledge of You” in all things and apply them upon our heart with wisdom so that we may think and act biblically and for Your glory and the good of our own souls.  Help us to never “run” ahead of you in our actions but by prayer and supplication make our requests known and then, biblically, act in accordance to your will and Word.  Lord, bless us with patience to  wait upon you prayerfully and biblically.  For your glory, we are Your loving and needful children.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Psalm 27:14

By His Grace,


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