Love’s Letter (via ReformedWomen)

A lesson in love…

Love's Letter My beloved brethren:  We, like Christopher Love and many saints throughout the ages have suffered persecution, trials and tribulations, loss and want, and as He suffered in His pilgrimage on this earth, we too shall suffer in this life.  What kind of witness are we to be through these sufferings?  Patient in tribulation? Praying always?  Blessing rather than cursing? Enduring with gentleness and meekness of spirit?  Loving when hated?  Happy when … Read More

via ReformedWomen


One comment on “Love’s Letter (via ReformedWomen)

  1. This is love in action; this is putting faith into action, this is sacrificing one’s self to encourage and bless another. Grace upon grace, love upon love…blessing upon blessing.

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