Prayer for A Christ Centered Home

Theology Girl-ReformedWomen Studies
Study Notes: “A Christ Centered Home”
Title: “A Christ Centered Home” – Prayer JacyJoyPals__”ReformedWomen-Theology Girl”

Dearest Heavenly Father:

We bless You and thank You for this wonderful new day and for the ability
to come to You and bring our praise, prayers and petitions.
You are our God and our Redeemer
and We offer our praise and thanksgiving to You.
Bless Your righteous and holy Name
for Your great wisdom and providence in the earth.
Thank You for Your care of us, Your children,
and for Your working out Your plan of redemption in the world.
Bless You for holding us in Your tender care
and providing everything for us for life and godliness.
Thank You for the promises of Scripture
and the future hope that You have given us in Christ.
We ask now these petitions
and that You will grant them according to Your good counsel and will.

We ask for wisdom as we embark on our new studies of the home,
family and how we are to walk as Christians in this world
for our good and Your glory.
We ask for understanding of Your Word and Your precepts.
We ask for patience, gentleness, kindness and love one to another.
We ask for spiritual knowledge in the deep things that are written
   in Your Word.
We ask for diligence to study and apply what we learn.
We ask that our families be blessed by the things we learn.
We ask that You be glorified in our lives as we grow in knowledge of You.
We ask that You help us to make our homes a place of refuge from the world,
a place that honors You in all that we do.
We ask You for forgiving hearts towards others when we fail.
We ask You for cleansing of our sins.
We ask You for renewal of our zeal for You and Your righteousness.

We are weak, but You are strong so we beseech You Lord to help us.
Bless our husbands, bless our children.
Bless our families and our churches.
Bless our ministries and outreach.
Bless us for Your work and help us today we pray,
In Jesus Glorious Name, Amen

* * *
“A Christ Centered Home” – Prayer from the original studies by JacyJoyPals, ReformedWomen-Theology Girl Studies.


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