Growing in Grace Studies: CONSECRATION Pt. 2

Theology Girl Studies

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January 2010
BOOK: The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray



“But who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly after this sort? For all things come of Thee, and of Thine own have we given Thee.”

 3. If God gives all and I receive all, then the third thought is very
   simple– I must give all back again. What a privilege that for the sake
   of having me in loving, grateful intercourse with Him, and giving me
   the happiness of pleasing and serving Him, the Everlasting God should
   say, “Come now, and bring Me back all that I give.” And yet people say,
   “Oh, but must I give everything back? Brother, don’t you know that
   there is no happiness or blessedness except in giving to God! David
   felt it. He said: “Lord, what an unspeakable privilege it is to be
   allowed to give that back to Thee which is Thine own!” Just to receive
   and then to render back in love to Him as God, what He gives. Do you
   know what God needs you for? People say, “Does not God give us all good
   gifts to enjoy?” But do you know that the reality of the enjoyment is
   in the giving back? Just look at Jesus–God gave Him a wonderful body.
   He kept it holy and gave it as a sacrifice to God. This is the beauty
   of having a body. God has given you a soul; this is the beauty of
   having a soul–you can give it back to God. People talk about the
   difficulty they meet with in having so strong a will. You never can
   have too strong a will, but the trouble is we do not give that strong
   will up to God, to make it a vessel in which God can and will pour His
   Spirit, so as to fit it to do splendid service for Himself.

   We have now had the three thoughts: God gives all; I receive all; I
   give up all. Will you do this now? Will not every heart say, “My God,
   teach me to give up everything?” Take your head, your mind with all its
   power of speaking, your property, your heart with its affections–the
   best and most secret–take gold and silver, everything, and lay it at
   God’s feet and say, “Lord, here is the covenant between me and Thee.
   Thou delightest to give all, and I delight to give back all.” God teach
   us that. If that simple lesson were learnt, there would be an end of so
   much trouble about finding out the Will of God, and an end of all our
   holding back, for it would be written, not upon our foreheads, but
   across our hearts, “God can do with me what He pleases; I belong to Him
   with all I have.” Instead of always saying to God, “Give, give, give,”
   we should say, “Yes, Lord, Thou dost give, thou dost love to give, and
   I love to give back.” Try that life and find out if it is not the very
   highest life.

   4. God gives all, I receive all, I give all. Now comes the fourth
   thought: God does so rejoice in what we give to Him. It is not only I
   that am the receiver and the giver, but God is the Giver and the
   Receiver too, and, may I say it with reverence, has more pleasure in
   the receiving back than even in giving. With our little faith we often
   think they come back to God again all defiled. God says, “No, they come
   back beautiful and glorified”; the surrender of the dear child of His,
   with his aspirations and thanksgivings, brings it to God with a new
   value and beauty. Ah! Child of God you do not know how precious the
   gift that you bring to your Father, is in His sight. Have I not seen a
   mother give a piece of cake, and the child comes and offers her a piece
   to share it with her? How she values the gift! And your God, oh, my
   friends, your God, His heart, His Father’s heart of love, longs, longs,
   longs to have you give Him everything. It is not a demand. It is a
   demand, but it is not a demand of a hard Master, it is the call of a
   loving Father, who knows that every gift you bring to God will bind you
   closer to Himself, and every surrender you make will open your heart
   wider to get more of his spiritual gifts. Oh, friends! A gift to God
   has in His sight infinite value. It delights Him. He sees of the
   travail of His soul and is satisfied. And it brings unspeakable
   blessing to you. These are the thoughts our text suggests; now comes
   the practical application. What are the lessons? We here learn what the
   true dispositions of the Christian life are.

   To be and abide in continual dependence upon God. Become nothing, begin
   to understand that you are nothing but an earthen vessel into which God
   will shine down the treasure of His love. Blessed is the man who knows
   what it is to be nothing, to be just an empty vessel meet for God’s
   use. Work, the Apostle says, for it is God who worketh in you to will
   and to do. Brethren, come and take tonight the place of deep, deep
   dependence on God. And then take the place of child-like trust and
   expectancy. Count upon your God to do for you everything that you can
   desire of Him. Honour God as a God who gives liberally. Honour God and
   believe that He asks nothing from you but what he is going first to
   give. And then come praise and surrender and consecration. Praise Him
   for it! Let every sacrifice to Him be a thank-offering. What are we
   going to consecrate? First of all our lives. There are perhaps men and
   women–young men and women–whose hearts are asking, “What do you want
   me to do–to say I will be a missionary?” No, indeed, I do not ask you
   to do this. Deal with God, and come to Him and say, “Lord of all, I
   belong to Thee, I am absolutely at Thy disposal.” Yield up yourselves.
   There may be many who cannot go as Missionaries, but oh, come, give up
   yourselves to God all the same to be consecrated to the work of His
   Kingdom. Let us bow down before Him. Let us give Him all our
   powers–our head to think for His Kingdom, our heart to go out in love
   for men, and however feeble you may be, come and say: “Lord, here I am,
   to live and die for Thy Kingdom. Some talk and pray about the filling
   of the Holy Spirit. Let them pray more and believe more. But remember
   the Holy Spirit came to fit men to be messengers of the Kingdom, and
   you cannot expect to be filled with the Spirit unless you want to live
   for Christ’s Kingdom. You cannot expect all the love and peace and joy
   of heaven to come into your life and be your treasures, unless you give
   them up absolutely to the Kingdom of God, and posses and use them only
   for Him. It is the soul utterly given up to God that will receive in
   its emptying the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Dear friends we must
   consecrate not only ourselves–body and soul–but all we have. Some of
   you may have children; perhaps you have an only child, and you dread
   the very idea of letting it go. Take care, take care; God deserves your
   confidence, your love, and your surrender. I plead with you; take your
   children and say to Jesus: “Anything Lord, that pleases Thee.” Educate
   your children for Jesus. God help you to do it. He may not accept all
   of them, but He will accept of the will, and there will be a rich
   blessing in your soul for it. Then there is money. When I hear appeals
   for money from every Society; when I hear calculations as to what the
   Christians of England are spending on pleasure, and the small amount
   given for Missions, I say there is something terrible in it. God’s
   children with so much wealth and comfort, and giving away so small a
   portion! God be praised for every exception! But there are many who
   give but very little, who never so give that it costs them something,
   and they feel it. Oh, friends! Our giving must be in proportion to
   God’s giving. He gives you all. Let us take it up in our Consecration
   prayer: “Lord, take it all, every penny I possess. It is all Thine.”
   Let us often say “It is all His.” You may not know how much you ought
   to give. Give up all, put everything in His hands, and He will teach
   you if you will wait.

   We have heard this precious message from David’s mouth. We Christians
   of the nineteenth century, have we learned to know our God who is
   willing to give everything? God help us to.

   And then the second message. We have nothing that we do not receive,
   and we may receive everything if we are willing to stand before God and
   take it.

   Thirdly. Whatever you have received from God give it back. It brings a
   double blessing to your own soul.

   Fourthly. Whatever God receives back from us comes to Him in Heaven and
   gives Him infinite joy and happiness, as he sees His object has been
   attained. Let us come in the spirit of David, with the spirit of Jesus
   Christ in us. Let us pray our Consecration Prayer. And may the Blessed
   Spirit give each of us grace to think and to say the right thing, and
   to do what shall be pleasing in the Father’s sight.


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