Blogging Notes: Carnal or Spiritual, Part II


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Author: TheologyGirl_ReformedWomen
BOOK: The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray

Blogging Notes: III. CARNAL OR SPIRITUAL? – Part II

“And Peter went out and wept bitterly.” — Luke 22:62

 In this week’s reading, Murray discusses Peter’s conversion to Christ and how when God, at His appointed time, sent His Holy Spirit into the heart, mind and life of Peter, it brought true repentance, humility and an understanding that God and God alone is the Savior; He is the God of salvation and He will bring it to pass for His purposes in history. The Scripture teaches us through the life of Peter that it is not who and what we are but what Christ is doing in our life.

Peter is an example of a “professing” Christian who does not and is not filled with the Holy Spirit, i.e., he was a man living amongst the Son of God but in his inability and sin was unable to live for Christ without the indwelling Holy Spirit, which is the gift of God. This is also an example in the church today and throughout history and thus the Scripture wonderfully shows the difference of a “man profession” and a “God-filled profession” in His people. There are many throughout Scripture and throughout time in history and in the church that have said, “I am of Christ” but they do not have the Spirit and thus are actors and not truly a child of God. A child of God is one that is saved by Christ, indwelt by Christ’s Holy Spirit and one who has been translated from darkness into the Kingdom of Christ and are “born again.” Each child of God may have a different conversion via God’s ordained time, place, method and purpose, but all are born again, filled with His Spirit, profess Him even unto death, and are sealed until the day of redemption. Like the Apostle Paul, one moment he was a “religious” man doing “religious” things and service and in a moment he was changed to a “spiritual” man filled with God’s Spirit and thus became Christ’s servant even unto death. The Scripture is clear, God saves and when God saves, man bows the knee and cannot do anything other but submit because the Holy Spirit indwells him. When we are truly born again by God’s decree, we shout Him and His salvation from the rooftops. The salvation of God is God-ordered and decreed in eternity past through eternity future and everything to accomplish that salvation, to keep that child of God, to direct his steps and path, are included. This text should be a warning to professors, “make your calling and election sure” i.e., make sure that your salvation is the salvation of God and not man. It is not about us but about Christ and what He has done on His cross for His people. He saves, He applies, He keeps, He loves and He indwells with His Spirit. When God’s time and purpose for Peter’s true conversion had come, Peter no longer trusted in His own works, His own repentance and confession, but rather was filled with the Holy Spirit and God-centered which brought about his true repentance and change. May it be that all of us trust only in Christ by His Spirit and not look to our own works and profession but rather to that profession that comes from a “born again conversion” and a heart of love for Christ filled with His Holy Spirit.

Note:  Murray gives a simplified narration with a tendency to man-centeredness of Peter in this book and God’s salvation and thus would confuse some but continue to read and apply true Reformed theology and you will be able to discern what needs prayerful discernment and diligence in learning.


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