Blogging Notes: The Low Expectation of Too Many of Us


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Author:  Jacy JoyPals
BOOK: The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray


Blogging Notes: The Low Expectation of Too Many of Us

This week’s reading brings much home to all of us. I was reminded by this discourse of how many times daily we ask the “why” question about life, godliness, circumstances, trials and more as to bring into question God’s supreme rulership and sovereignty in our lives. We think as we complain and murmur that it is all about us, our needs, wants, desires, joy and pleasure. It is, as I often say, the “me-first and me-only” attitude about our Christian life and how it is worked out daily through the sovereignty of God. We put Him and His sovereignty on the backburner to our own wisdom of what is best for us. He decrees and He designs for His purposes in each and every one of us and has given us the path to follow.

The story of the father, the prodigal and elder son is a picture and type of us and our relationship with Christ. It shows just how sinful and self-centered we are as His people and how we murmur and complain, are never satisfied and worse of all, how we question His authority and providence in our lives. It is our continued sin and disobedience. It is our still-holding-fast to the false doctrine of our own “supposed” righteousness. All that we are, all that we have, all that we will ever be are gifts. He has decreed our steps as our wise and loving Heavenly Father. We are to obey and in our obeying rejoice and be glad because we are His and all of His grace and gifts are ours. We have “all things” in Christ and whatever this life in the flesh brings, it is because of His divine appointment and we are to submit to that design and respond with love and grace to Him. It is mercy that we are not all consumed and by His grace and His grace alone that we have salvation and all that entails both here in this life and for eternity. Why then must we question every event, circumstance and problem that comes our way with a “why God is this happening to me” as though we deserve special treatment apart from His divine purposes? Why do we continue to compare ourselves with others, their gifts and their life and then blame God that ours is different as though we were slighted by His hand? We are all hell-deserving sinners in need of grace for every moment and He, by His loving and gracious gifts has given us all things for life and godliness and yet we are still bitter, resentful, sinful and selfish, coveting and complaining. We are judging our God to be a stingy and ungracious God and making ourselves out as righteous and raging with righteous indignation for wrongful judgment by our Heavenly Father. Shame on us as His people. We must repent and revisit those promises that He has given in His Word to us. [Rom 8:28-39] We are His people, His adopted children, His heirs of all things both in heaven and earth. We are royalty that cannot be imagined or described. So then, let us be gracious to our Great God and gracious to our family, our loved ones, our brethren and to our enemies showing forth that love and grace that God has bestowed upon us and be ever thankful for each trial, each gift and each promise however it comes upon us. Let us give thanks to God for all of His gifts of grace and promises.

“Therefore we ought not to envy others God’s grace to them because we shall have never the less for their sharing in it. If we be true believers, all that God is, all that he has, is ours; and, if others come to be true believers, all that he is, and all that he has, is theirs too, and yet we have not the less, as they that walk in the light and warmth of the sun have all the benefit they can have by it, and yet not the less for others having as much; for Christ in his church is like what is said of the soul in the body: it is tota in toto – the whole in the whole, and yet tota in qualibet parte – the whole in each part.” __Mathew Henry

Comments for last week’s reading are located in the comments section of that reading.


2 comments on “Blogging Notes: The Low Expectation of Too Many of Us

  1. I love this post! and the quotation you used. I haven’t read the book, yet, but it is next on my list.
    Have you ever read Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning? just curious
    Love your blog.
    God Bless you!

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