Theology Girl-Girls Discussion Group on Reformation21 Institutes Study


UPDATE:  Our TheologyGirl group will be participating in this study and discussing at the TheologyGirl group.  Women who are interested in discussion with us, you are welcome to join us by clicking on the link  below:


If you have not been privileged to read or study John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion” now is your opportunity. Reformation21 blog will be “blogging” the Institutes in 2009. There is a must-read, must-study, must-do. You can check it out at the blog here Theology Girl and Girls will be blogging away as well as continuing their series on “The Attributes of God” and “Women in Prayer Study”:

Join us on the Calvin blog in 2009
Posted by Derek Thomas
Starting in January, we will blogging our way through Calvin’s Institutes. You will note on the Front page of ref21 a link (the left sidebar) to Calvin blog. If you are interested in following along you may e-mail us at for a reading schedule. If you need a copy of the Institutes at a good price, you may purchase one from here or here.


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