Women in Prayer Study Commences

“Women in Prayer” is one of the most important subjects that we as women can study and it is especially relevant today in light of the “crisis” and “chaos” in our world and the need for God’s people to seek His face in constant prayer. Our study will focus on issues related to women, the home, family and our individual prayer life as well as the mechanics of the “why” “when” and “how to” of prayer. God’s Word instructs us to “pray without ceasing” and to “ask” and we will receive. We are blessed to have God’s Word and wonderful teaching tools and authors who have supplied us with all that we need to grow in grace and knowledge of God in prayer. It is His desire that we become “women of prayer.” It is through prayer we are humbled and changed to the glory of God.

“Open Thou Mine Eyes”
“Women in Prayer”
Journal Entry: 11/28/95
…”Only God can open the eyes of a blind man so that he sees and so too only God can open the spiritual eyes to see the Kingdom of God and His truth. His law is a closed book to the blind man, both physically and spiritually, but an open book to those whose eyes have been enlightened and opened by Christ. He illumines the eyes and mind with understanding so that we understand what we read. When we read the law of God, the Bible, we behold the face of Christ, His attributes, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth, hope, love, will and all of His glorious attributes. When He opens the eyes to “behold wondrous things from Thy law” we see Him and His glory; we behold that glory, and as we read, study, pray and meditate, we are changed into His image. Sometimes we are so blind by our sin, self-pride and selfishness that we are like blind men stumbling around, not being able to see, but Christ through His Word puts the healing balm upon our eyes, opens them and we see our sinfulness, selfishness and utter worthlessness and inability to do good and sin not. When we see this “out of Thy law” we are broken by the wondrous truth of God’s saving grace, mercy and forgiveness and it leads us to repentance. It purifies us. When He opens our eyes we can see clearly and we can see His mighty power and the hope the gospel brings to spiritually blind men and women. “We would see Jesus” is the cry of His people. We desire to see Him face-to-face but now we see Him through a glass darkly. We must, therefore, pray for our eyes to be opened to truth. It is through Christ and He is the only way to truth. It is our comfort in these dark days. . .”__JoyPals

 [Photo:  JoyPals 23 “Women In Prayer” & “Heavenly Notes”  Journals]



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