Deaconesses in the Church?

Theology and Women…We have our God-ordained role and the Bible is clear on it. The following is a “hot topic” on the boards/blogs and continues to grow in intensity as it is examined, dissected and studied. Theology Girl/Girls adhere to the biblical principle that this office, as are all leadership offices in the church, to be held by men only. Read the discussion at GreenBaggins here ….
Deaconesses in the PCA?
Bob Mattes

Seems I’m like the last to know almost anything. I found this overture while checking the latest docket for the upcoming 36th PCA General Assembly. I was a bit taken back. Upon further research, I found this post and thread over at BaylyBlog, to which this one has been added. That the Bayly’s would raise the alarm is no surprise as creeping feminism in the church is their main issue lately. However, some of the comments under the first post seem pretty defensive of the idea of women deacons. Ouch. …more…


2 comments on “Deaconesses in the Church?

  1. You said all “leadership” roles should be held by men. Is that what you really believe? Or do you mean that all ordained positions should be held by men and that only men should lead men, and women can lead women and children?
    I’m thinking you’ve gone too far by saying all leadership roles.

  2. The context is talking about “leadership” roles, i.e., leading the congregation. Women in administrative, superintentent of SS or like positions are not leadership roles, they are overseen by Session, Elders, Consistory or other leadership bodies. Women are NOT to rule over men in the church. That is the biblical principle. They are to be women who train, teach and mnister to other women and children and even those positions are under authority of the leadership in the church and in the case of the home, under submission to the husband.

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